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This is HIS Issue, Not Mine

    I often have conversations with women who seem perplexed when I tell them the ministry of Unveil is not just for men but women too. When we talk about lust, they usually talk about their boyfriend, fiancé, or husband who is struggling with pornography, masturbation… Read More »This is HIS Issue, Not Mine


      I got a lot more out of the weekly meetings, the book, and the retreat than I even thought I would because the topics we covered were so comprehensive. It wasn’t just a matter of “do we sin sexually or not”. We looked at what… Read More »Jadie

      Freedom from Lust

        I once had a conversation with a young woman who told me she was very frustrated with the role masturbation played in her life. She shared that she had been doing it habitually for several years. After a long conversation about it, she was more… Read More »Freedom from Lust

        Who am I?

          We do not often hear from this world that we are secure, accepted, or significant. I began the unveil study in a deep struggle with my identity. I knew that God thought more of me than I thought of myself, but as far as what… Read More »Who am I?