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    I got a lot more out of the weekly meetings, the book, and the retreat than I even thought I would because the topics we covered were so comprehensive. It wasn’t just a matter of “do we sin sexually or not”. We looked at what where our hearts were at, what are we withholding from God, what are we hiding from in relationships, where do we not trust God’s best design, where do our thoughts or emotions need to be filtered through the spirit of truth.

    And then on our retreat we got to learn more about the design of our sexuality, outside of even having/not having sex, where it is being lived out rightly and where it can go wrong. And then break off ties we’ve made or that have been made for us over the years. It was hard work but good work! And we got to do it alongside women that we get to have greater intimacy with. We were looking to our right and our left thinking “oh it’s you guys that I sort this out with. It’s you guys I stop hiding from. It’s you I get vulnerable and walk out this love with”. The price was already paid for all of our freedom, we just needed to learn how to fight for that better and reclaim what is already ours. It was amazing to have a time dedicated to doing just that. It was an automatic invitation to leave it all out on the table and in the light!

    – Jadie